Indoors and Outdoors

We shall be happy to serve you in the restaurant, the Hirschenstube or, in fine weather, in the garden in front or behind the house. All our rooms can also be rented, individually or in combination, according to your needs.


The restaurant seats 35, has a regulars’ table, and a wonderful bay window for up to five people.


The Hirschenstube with its approx. 30 seats is ideal for all kinds of events. If required, it can be extended to include the Jägerstübli or Hunters’ Lounge.


The Jägerstübli or Hunters’ Lounge with its approx. 18 seats is the ideal place for small meetings or club events. 


The Wehrlistube or Wehrli Lounge with its bay window and tiled stove on the first floor is available for special occasions or for aperitifs. 

The Garden

In warm weather, you may enjoy our cosy garden seating areas in front and in the back of the house. 

The Hirschen Stage

Room for events with up to 60 people, complete with light and sound equipment. The former barn on the ground floor can be rented as well as a second room for working or as a lounge. 

The Barn

The barn is ideal for parties of all kinds, family events, and business lunches.

Courtyard and Barn

The courtyard may be covered with umbrellas. Al fresco aperitifs with up to 200 people and weddings with up to 60 people are possible. The barn offers space for about 50 people and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. For events with up to 100 people, the entire courtyard may be covered by a tent.